We have statement accessories for women; effortlessly accessorize, feel put-together + get more from your wardrobe

Catherine Page

Catherine’s passion as a creator is to bring you jewelry that makes your everyday a special luxury.  At Catherine Page, they strive to create jewelry that will help you reflect the shimmering truth of who you are.  They want each piece you wear to cause your inside self and outside self to match.


  1. Gold Erin Apple Green Droplet Earring
  1. Gold Erin Teal Droplet Earring
  1. Gold Ellis Bracelet
  1. Gold Pyrite & Silver Smile Earring
  1. Gold Everly Necklace With
  1. Everly Multi Strand Silver & Gold Pyrite Necklace
  1. Gold Coast Labradorite Earring
  1. Siver Pyrite Chain Necklace
  1. Gold Picasso Jasper With Pyrite Necklace
  1. Gold & Pyrite Triple Strand Necklace
  1. Silver Multi Stand Necklace
  1. Silver Piper Large Pendant Necklace
  1. Native Multi Strand Bracelet
  1. Gold Evra Disc Stretch Bracelet
  1. Multi Topaz Necklace