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LJ Sonder

Two girls with two visions share a single dream.  This is how their story began.  One designed jewelry and one sold jewelry.  So, after several years of late-night discussions (over wine of course), they decided it was time to design a line of jewelry with their friends in mind.  We have friends that are “pearly girls”, friends that are “edgy”, friends that are “dainty”…. just lots of unique friends.  Ironically, we both found a word we connected with and that is where our new name was born.  The word “Sonder” was perfect for our vision….Noun; Sonder” realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.”
Hence, LJ Sonder was launched… jewelry as unique as the individual.  
We hope you love their designs as much as we do.
  1. Gold Washer Chain Necklace