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Marcia Moran

Marcia Moran's eye-catching, contemporary jewelry is made of either brushed 18kt gold or rhodium-plated metals and stunning semi-precious stones. As a bridge between the spectacular resources of Brazil and the world of fashionable women who enjoy extraordinary pieces, Marcia's jewelry helps women express their unique and sparkling beauty.
  1. Gunmetal Double Bent Oval Earring
  1. Gold Capri Earring
  1. Gold Oval Chain Link Necklace
  1. Gold Circle MultiGarnet Fringe Earrings
  1. Gunmetal Carola Raindrop Chandelier Earring
  1. Gold Anahy Charm Necklace
  1. Gold Batel Ring
  1. Amazonite Gold Statement Ring
  1. Gold Labradorite Statement Ring
  1. Rhodium Geometric Fringe Earring
  1. Rhodium Circle Earring