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Rebel Designs

Rebel Designs exudes a distinctly hip and chic vibe that allows women and men of all ages to step into the Rebel zone of personal style while indulging in the rich variety of handcrafted jewelry extravagantly laden with semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals. Rebel Designs is located in the heart of New York City, for her valued and discerning clients all over the world.
Welcome to the world of Rebel Designs! Are you a Rebel
  1. Antique Brass Swarovksi Crystal Earing
  1. Brown Leather Crystal Bracelet
  1. Antique Brass Branch Necklace
  1. Antique Brass Black Diamond Stick Earring
  1. Antique Brass Curved Baquette Earring
  1. 18K Gold Plated Squiggly Earring
  1. Antique Brass Squiggle Hoop Earring
  1. Black Leather Bracelet With Black Diamond Swarovski Crystals
  1. Antique Brass Craft Cross Necklace