Edgy Fall Collection

Edgy Fall Collection

Edgy with a lot of Sass!

One of our favorite artisans, Gina Riley is sure to become a favorite with her hip and chic vibe. Gina draws from the energy and vibrancy of New York City, a city of contrasts-the juxaposition of rough and refined, the bright, shiny new and the gritty layers of the old-is what fuels her creative spirit.
Gina indugles in the rich variety of handcrafted jewelry extravagantly laden with semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, and the finest leather from Italian artisan leathers.

We hope you enjoy the pieces we have curated for you this fall! Each pair of antique brass earrings, leather bracelet or African turquoise necklace has a unique feel and look, creating a look all your own.

Enjoy 25% off today and tomorrow and create create a classic yet edgy look for fall 2020!

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