1. 14k Gold Filled Double Wrapped With Strands of Pearls, and Quartz Bracelet
  1. 18k Gold Multi-Colored Necklace
  1. 18K Gold Plated Squiggly Earring
  1. 24K Clad Fleur With Mixed Loire Chain And Micro Pearl Dangles
  1. Adjustable Gold And Crystal Ring
  1. Amethyst Antique Gold Stud Earrings
  1. Antique Brass Black Italian Leather Bracelet With Off-Centered Lava Stone
  1. Antique Brass Diamond Lattice Crystal Mesh Earrings
  1. Antique Silver Allegra Swarovski Crystals Necklace
  1. Antique Silver Crystal Earrings
  1. Antique Silver Crystal Pendant Necklace
  1. Antique Silver Double Strand Swarovski Crystal Necklace
  1. Antique Silver Labradorite Twist Bracelet
  1. Antique Silver Swarovski Crystal Chain Dangle Earrings
  1. Appaloosa On Black Leather Silver Bracelet
  1. ArtDeco Hematite and Brass Earrings
  1. Beetroot Square Scarf
  1. Black Adjustable Swarovski Crystals Ring
  1. Black Agate Geometric Brass Earrings
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  1. Black Braided Crystal Headband
  1. Black Henley Statement Cuff Bracelet
  1. Black Houndstooth Headband
  1. Black Italian Leather Oval Cabochon In Gold Bracelet
  1. Black knotted Headband Trimmed With Crystals