Just In Jewelry and Accessories

Just In 

Luxury Jewelry and Accessories


  1. Gold Initial Card Necklace
  1. Gold Multi-Colored Crystal Necklace
  1. Gold Vintage Coin Necklace
  1. Gold Link Necklace
  1. Gold Wrap Chain Necklace
  1. Gold Multi Colored Earrings
  1. Emerald Antique Gold Stud Earrings
  1. Amethyst Antique Gold Stud Earrings
  1. Black Braided Crystal Headband
  1. Gold Champagne Crystal Necklace
  1. Gold Necklace With Emerald & Aqua Crystals
  1. Black Tweed Knotted Headband With Gold Trim
  1. Thin Gold Headband With Crystal Details
  1. Gold Organic Circle Earrings
  1. Gold Vintage Coin Earrings
  1. Mixed Metal Chain With Moillard Medallion Necklace
  1. Sterling Silver Plated Lock Bracelet
  1. Bronze Knotted Headband
  1. Crushed Velvet Emerald Green Headband
  1. Black Houndstooth Headband
  1. Brass Austrian Crystals Cuff Bracelet
  1. Denim Blue Tennis Bracelet
  1. Sunflower Antique Gold Stud Earrings
  1. Brown Houndstooth Knotted Headband