Summer Is Here!

Summer Is Here!

It's June & Summer is Here!

I'm excited about the sun & fun; how about you ladies? Our weather has been deary, cold, & wet making for a slow start to the summer. Who doesn't love jewels with turquoise, amazonite, chaladony, pearls & so many more summery semi-precious stones? The colorful stones add a bright pop to all your outfits making for put-together looks that are sure to be easy and breezy.

Color is scary to a gal that wears a lot of black and taupe (I'm one of those ladies) Why not grab some colorful jewelry and add pops to your outfits, whether it be a bag, shoes, or dangles? Now is the time to lighten up. If your in Missoula, Montana come by and see me for tips and tricks or you can always message me for some advice. I'm always here to make your shopping experience spectacular.

Gold Dune Ring Brushed Gold Cubic Zirconia Bracelet Gold Anahy Charm Necklace Etched Gold Link Necklace  

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