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Just In 


  1. Gold Rose Champagne Stud Earrings
    Sold Out
  1. Gold Indicolite Stud Earrings
  1. Gold Watermelon And Aqua Adjustable Ring
  1. Gold Teal Blue Rectangular Stud Earrings
  1. Gold Turquoise and Lapis Necklace
  1. Gold Iridescent Crystal Stud Earrings
  1. Gold Water Resistant Cubic Zirconia Band Ring
  1. Silver Stackable Band Ring
  1. Gold Thick Gage Water Resistant Necklace
  1. Gold Wavy Stackable Ring
  1. Gold Bee With Pearl Necklace
  1. Silver Puffed Earrings
  1. Silver Staple Chain Link Bracelet
  1. Gold Knotted Bracelet
  1. Two-Tone Huggie Earrings
  1. Silver Serpentine Chain Necklace
  1. Silver Link Necklace
  1. Silver Double Ring Set
  1. Gold Triple Strand Water Resistant Chain Necklace